Earth Rite Compound

Earth Rite Compound Manufacturer Chennai

Earth Rite Compound is a Echo Friendly Compound. It helps to reduce the soil resistance. It retains the mositure Permanently in the Normal Soil Conditions. Once the Resistances is less, the current flow will be fast. Earth Rite Compound Plays Major role to prepare the Earthing Electrodes. It Enhances the Conductivity around the earth electrode even in the all weather conditions. It is the ideal material to be used in areas where conductivity is poor such as rocks, mountain tops and sandy soil. Earth Rite Compound improves grouding effectiveness regardless of soil conditions.


    • Maintains Permanent and Lifelong earth Resistance
    • Performs in all Soil Conditions, including dry spells.
    • Doesn't require Water.
    • Non-Corresive Matertial
    • Meets International Industry Standards.
    • Permanent Bonding.