Earthing Electrodes

Earthing Electrodes Manufacturer Chennai

Copper Earthing Electrodes:.

It is made up of Pure 99.9 Electrolite grade Copper(EC). Copper Earthing Electrode life is 25 Plus years. Current dissipation will be Very fast.We use latest technology and skilled workforce to manufacture Copper Electrodes. These products offered by us have remarkable resistance against corrosion and ensure uniform earth contact resistance during their entire lifetime.

Some other features of our products are:

    • Optional electrical conductivity
    • High mechanical strength
    • Allow connection to Earthing systems like foundation Earthing and others.

    Galvanzed Ion (G.I) Earthing Electrode:.

    Gravin Earthing Electrode have complete Solution with a brand name of ......, Manufactured with advanced Technology. We are Manufacturing pipe in solid rod Technology with high duty connecting terminal. The outer pipe wall thickness is 3.2mm in standard length of 3 Meter long. It is Manufactured in Mild steel pipe and it is hot dip galvanized to a Maximum up to 85-110 microns. We have Special Conducting mixture is filled inside the pipe. Thi Special Mixture allows fast conduction of any fault current or short Circuit current to earth.

    Copper Bonded Earthing Electrodes:.

    Earthing Electrodes Manufacturer Chennai

    Copper bonded Earthing rod is coated with 250 micron. It avoids corrosion. It helps current dissipation will be very fast. We have earned a sterling reputation in the industry for manufacturing and trading Copper Bonded Earthing Electrode. The electrodes which we offer are made in tune with the industry standards for offering ultimate earthing solutions to the clients. This electrode is bonded with copper and is extensively demanded owing to its safe usage. It is capable of dealing with stray current.


      • Robust design
      • Dimensionally accurate
      • Seamless Finish.

      Earth Rite Compound Manufacturer Chennai

      Earth Rite Compound: .

      Earth Rite Compound is the Echo Friendly Compound.Earth Rite. It helps to reduce the soil resistance. It retains the moisture Permanently in the Normal Soil Conditions. Once the Resistances is less, the current flow will be fast. Earth Rite Compound Plays Major role to prepare the Earthing Electrodes. It Enhances the Conductivity around the earth electrode even in the all weather conditions.